Gay Barcelona: A Night Out!

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The night started by meeting Eloi from Rainbow Barcelona Tours at our hotel lobby, the Two Hotel Barcelona by Axel (Calabria 90-9) located in the middle of the Gayxample. The Gayxample is the center of the gay community, it is safe, has plenty of restaurants, clothing and sex shops, bars,  and dance clubs. Eloi’s Gay Barcelona tours are amazing!

Our first stop was at Versailles. Versailles is located in an isolated, but safe street (Passatge Valeri Serra, 3). Once you enter, the interior is tastefully decorated with big mirrors, huge columns, painted ceilings, and a back room with a huge chandelier.

To my surprise, prices for drinks were very reasonable. For our first round, we tried Estrella, which is a delicious local beer. After we finished several rounds of drinks, we headed out to our next location Punto BCN (around midnight), which is when Versailles was getting crowded.



Punto BCN (Carrer de Muntaner, 63-65 (Barcelona) is a two level bar known to be mainly frequented by twinks. The decoration was not as extravagant as Versailles, but the space was big enough to host a large crowd. We ordered vodka and lemon this time. Again, the prices were very reasonable. At Punto BCN we learned two new things about the bars in Barcelona. First, they do not use measurement cups for alcohol like we do in the US (For example, 2 ounces of vodka, or 2 ounces of rum inside a mixed drink), but rather they measure alcohol using “seconds.” The bartender poured ice in a tall glass and poured vodka for 4 seconds (definitely more alcohol than the US). After pouring the vodka, the bartender hands you your glass with a bottle of lemon juice. This is the second thing that we learned. You have to mix your own drink. It was not bad; it is just a new concept!

Our next stop was the Axel Hotel Sky Bar (Carrer Aribau, 33) – hey have two locations in Barcelona-. The views from the terrace were amazing! They have a good ambient with a large mix crowd of foreigners and locals. Seemed that most of the folks that nights were also staying at the hotel. A mixed drink at this bar will run you around 12 euros.

Cangrejo (Villarroel 86) was our next stop. Cangrejo is a bar targeted to the 30+ audience. The place has two large bars and a decent size dance floor. The music was amazing and it is mainly 90’s and 2000’s hits. The dance floor was full and it was very easy to order drinks at the bar. By now, we knew the drill of mixing our drinks – the prices again were very reasonable! Definitely one of my favorites bars in Barcelona!

The next stop was Arena (Carrer de Balmes, 32); however, we were so tired that we decided to end the night at a local café ordering Barcelona’s famous Bikini sandwich. A Bikini is a simple and delicious ham and cheese sandwich and it ONLY costs 6 euros and that was for two of them!

I just left out one little detail; all of this happened the first day that we landed in Barcelona!

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