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A Weekend in San Francisco

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Our hometown airport is Philadelphia, taking a flight across the country takes a good six hours and that’s without adding the additional time that takes getting to the airport and waiting to board. TSA Pre is one of the best things that we have invested on since it cuts airport security lines significantly. Not the easiest thing to do for a weekend when you go across country but is definitely worth it. I mean, if you have more time on your calendar, go for it. When I go across country, I like to spend a good week so I can get over jet-lag.   If I go to Hawaii, I like to spend at least 10 days!

I decided to flight with American Airlines since I’m working towards keeping my frequent flyer status for next year. Unfortunately, my upgrade to business class did not clear up. I was number three in the waiting list from a total of seventeen people. None of us were lucky enough this time! Perhaps because it is a six hour flight or because it was a Friday and a lot of business people are traveling. I can’t complaint since I was able to get a main cabin extra seat which has extra leg room at no extra fee. One of the perks of being Platinum or Executive Platinum.

I took the 4:10 pm flight from PHL to SFO which typically arrives around 7:10 pm. Lucky me that they were able to reduce the flight time by 30 minutes- don’t you love when that happens?

Rick was already in California for business. We decided to meet in San Francisco, spend the weekend and flight back home together.

Packing for a weekend was a challenge for me, especially for San Francisco! Last time we visited the city in July it was very cold so I was not sure as to what to pack. I checked the weather the night before the flight and the temperature was supposed to be in the 70’s. You can’t really trust the weather, so I over packed.  I packed in layers; basically shorts, jeans, and items that you can take off or put on. It is better to be safe than sorry. Last time I was there, I ended up doing a lot of shopping in Union Square.



Inn on Castro, San Francisco

Inn on Castro

With no checked bags, exiting the plane was easy.  I took a taxi to our hotel to meet Ricardo, which was a costly mistake since the final price was over $60! I will tell you later in the blog how much we pay for Uber. We stayed at the Inn on Castro.  It is a gay bed and breakfast, just around the corner from the iconic Castro Theater. This is the perfect location as in the middle of the San Francisco gay neighborhood, The Castro District. What a way to start the weekend, as we say “Traveling the Cool Gay Way”

Our bed and breakfast was located walking distance from everything. With plenty of restaurants to choose from, we decided to eat at Osaka. Located on 460 Castro Street, Osaka is a cozy, Asian restaurant. It could get laud since the tables are very close to each other, but the food is good (great Udon soup).

It was great seen my husband after a long week and start doing what we do best, traveling and exploring cities!



Saturday was the main core of our trip, we wanted to get the most out of it. We had breakfast at the Inn, we both order waffles with fruits. The place has a large dining table and you can seat and mingle with other guests. This is a brilliant idea as you are able to meet other travelers, make mew friends, and find out what they are doing in town.

Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista Park

During our walk, we enjoyed some of the most amazing views of San Francisco. Once you get to Buena Vista Park, you are able to see the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. We were lucky enough to have a “clear” view since there was no fog. If you visit during the summer months like we did in the past, you may not be so lucky because the fog usually stays around the bridge and this causes poor visibility.

Rick at Buena Vista Park, San Francisco

Rick at Buena Vista Park

For lunch, we wanted to keep it lite. We ate at a small sandwich shop in Castro St. We both order a delicious turkey ham melt.  The base of the sandwich was a sourdough bagel!!!

If you never been in San Francisco, one of the most common things in the streets (other than naked people) is the homeless population. This time, I was surprise to see so many young homeless kids around Castro. They were very energetic asking people for extra cash and some of them were kind of rude.

You never know who you are going to run into on the streets (or airports) while you are traveling. While passing The Castro Theater, Jinkx Monsoon was going in!  She was going early to get ready for her show, Peaches Christ Grey Gardens. There were so many things to do in town that Saturday. Jinkx, Hedwig (Broadway Show) starting Darren Criss from Gleee, and AsiaSF (which we already had reservations).

View from Catro, San Francisco

View from Catro

What a great way to spend the rest of the afternoon than shopping around Castro Street and Market Street. You can find anything for all budgets, jeans anywhere from $49 to $300!  You will find some of the latest trends in the gay fashion clothing. Perhaps for your next gay travel :). You will also find the Nasty Pig brand clothing!

We could not leave the city without paying a visit to AsiaSF.  As you read on a previous article, AsiaSF is a Famous Restaurant/Cabaret style by transgender ladies in San Francisco. They are also famous for their TV docuseries Transcendent that was on FuseTV for two seasons. We got the chance to meet Bambina, Simone, and the lovely Tita – these ladies are amazing.

One of the things about AsiaSF is that you go there for the experience. Yes, you also go for dinner but that’s secondary- it’s about the experience.

This is not your typical “gay place” (full of sexy men) as there are a lot of straight women celebrating bachelorette parties.  After the dinner and show, you can head downstairs for their nightclub and continue partying.



Since I only had a carry-on, packing was a piece of cake! I had breakfast with some of the other guest at the end which is always interesting. Jon, was a great host, a great comedian by the way!

As I mentioned earlier, we took Uber from Castro to Airport. The fare was only $30, that’s a 50% saving! AND if you do Uber Pool, the cost is only $20.

Checking at the airport was so easy, we were lucky enough to have Debbie, a lovely counter person that help us with our check-in at the American Airlines Priority Check-in. In my opinion the person that helps you with your check-in will influence how the rest of your flying experience is going to go. If you get somebody that is not that friendly and gives you a hard time, the rest of your flight will not go that well.

Having a membership to the Admiral Club is always helpful, especially at San Francisco airport. We spend a couple of hours there relaxing before I flight took off. Which was a little bit behind due to an air show that was going on in San Francisco this weekend.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

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