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My top 5 carry-on items!

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What do you pack on your carry-on?

Clothes, medicines, snacks, essential items in case your bag get lost. In addition to all that, I always carry a “technology backpack as my carry-on.”

1- iPad or tablet

You will find that most of the domestics flights don’t have TV’s anymore. I used to love this as it was a great opportunity to catch up with my shows and the new release movies. Look at American Airlines, they are replacing their TV’s but they are allowing passenger access to movies and shows via their app. Some of the content is free but the premium content comes with a cost.

Netflix recently announced the option of allowing customers to download their content. This is a big win as I will be able to download a bunch of movies before catching up my next flight. I usually just either buy them or rent them from iTunes.

2- Laptop

I’m still using a laptop, as a travel blogger, I cannot do everything with my iPad. I personally use my Mac to write a summary of our adventures every day! But if you are not a blogger, you can also use your laptop to do other things, like watching movies or surfing the internet (alternative to a tablet).

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Apple products Lover!

3- iPhone (Music)

I have an old iPhone that I used to storage my music anytime that I travel. I do this because I don’t want to load my current phone with a lot of music. Of course, I would prefer to use Pandora or another music streaming service but that will not be ideal when flying.

4- Headphones

Having the right pair of headphones on your flight is very important. I didn’t know what I was missing until I purchased my first sound cancellation headphones. I use the regular iPhone earphones for conference calls or for the gym but they are not great for the plane.

My favorite pair of headphones is the Beat Studio by Dr. Dre with Noise Cancellation. You will not be able to hear anything around you, great for music and watching movies. However, not so great for the gym because they are bulky and heavy. The downside is that they use 2 AAA batteries so you have to make sure you always have an extra pair, otherwise they will not work.

5- Portable Battery

A portable battery is a must. Of course, you will carry your charger with you but if your seat does not have a plug, that will not be a good solution. My favorite is the myCharge 6000 mAh, it’s fast and it has different connectors for different types of phones. You will never run out of battery!

What are some of your favorite carry-on items? Share with us!



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