Cool Gay Travels, Manny and Rick at Sur La Table.

Cooking Class: Learning how to Make Macarons

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Cool Gay Travels, Manny and Rick at Sur La Table.

Cool Gay Travels, Manny and Rick at Sur La Table

Who doesn’t love food? Food is a big part of traveling. But one of the most important part -at least for me- is desserts. Since we love sweets, we decided to take a cooking class to learn how to make macarons!

Cooking Class Location

We decided to take one of the Sur La Table classes, located in King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia. They have one of the top macarons classes in the Philadelphia region. Taking a cooking class at Sur La Table is a must. If you don’t live near one, this is something that you can do while traveling. We are lucky enough to have a location that’s close to where we live. They also have other great locations, like the one in San Francisco inside the Ferry Building.

The cooking and baking classes at Sur La Table are great!

The Experience

Be prepared to be in class at least three hours. This class typically starts around 9:00 am; early start but they have great coffee! During class, you are able to try the latest Nespresso Machines. Their espressos will keep you awake!

After check-in, Chef Joanne Shanzer went over a fun introduction. For this class they divided us in groups of four, Rick and I partnered with two other lovely ladies.

The nice thing about a cooking class is that they have assistants. They provided us with all the ingredients already measured. That saved us time so that we concentrate in following the Chef instructions.

We first started mixing the ingredients for the macarons. The four groups are working on the same task but in different stations. If you are into kitchen gadgets you will be in paradise. We were using a $500 food processor to mix the flours and a $500 mixer for the eggs; equipment brands that we typically don’t have at home. The cool part about making the macarons was choosing a color. We selected purple and added to our mix.

Once the mix was ready, we started getting ready to pipe the macarons on a paper mat that was placed on a tray that already has the little circles. Piping was the hardest part for me because I never done this before. There is a technique for this, you have to do it at a 90 degrees angle and have to be careful of not pulling up otherwise you will be creating a Hershey Kiss.

While the macarons baked we started creating the fillings. This part was very simple, Chocolate Ganesh and Caramel Buttercream.

Caramel Filling For Macaroons

Caramel Filling For Macarons

The Macarons- Final Results

Towards the end of the class, an assembly line was form; it was up to us what filling to put on it. They separated the macaroons in equal amounts for all attendees so that we could all take the same amount home after the class. This was my favorite part as the Chef had extra macarons that we got to taste with different fillings.

For taking the class, you get a 10% coupon to be used at the store or online shopping. Food and retail therapy – the perfect combination! We used our discount to purchase some kitchen gadgets 🙂

Share with us in the comments what is your favorite thing to bake?

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