Peloton Cycle Studio in New York

My Visit to NYC Peloton Cycle Studio

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Peloton Cycle Studio in New York

Peloton New York

Are you a fitness fanatic like we are? Then you should check out Peloton Cycle . According to Peloton Founder and CEO, John Foley, he founded the Company to bring technology to home gyms. The bike has a $1,995 price tag but is well worth it. The bike has a tablet that will stream the classes and keep track of the metrics (resistant, heart rate, speed, etc.). Members are able to take live classes or on-demand from their home.

Peloton broadcast their live classes from their studios in New York City located  at 140 W 23rd St.  For a reasonable fee, you can take a class at their studios and be part of their live audience. Some of the Peloton community members travel to New York for major milestones, like their ride #100. It’s a celebration! The Peloton support Facebook page have over 15,000 members; the Peloton Community is a family.

On December 7, I had the opportunity to visit the studio in New York to attend a live class. The class was title “Men of Pop Ride” by Cody Rigsby one of Peloton Cycle’s most energizes instructors.

They have a nice launch area were you can wait until your class start and order different types of drinks. Or if you prefer, you can pre-order them and they will have them ready for you when the class is over. While I was waiting, I met Steven T Little, another Peloton’s instructor and was able to have a quick chat with him.

Once you entered the studio/spinning room, you feel the energy. Lights, camera, action! As home riders started log-in in, Cody started greeting them. The class started right on time, 8:00 am EST.

Cody was full of energy; his playlist was amazing. The entire class lasted about 45 minutes. The great thing about the class is that you don’t get bored. We constantly switched to new forms and barely stayed in one place. The cool thing is that we also incorporated an arm workout while spinning!

When I got to the class I had no energy and by end of the ride I had so much energy. It was totally worth it! I had a front row bike which was kind it cool because the next day, I was able to take the on-demand class version at home and watch myself 🙂 .

Peloton Cycle Instructors

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