Photo Credit: Hamberger Mary

West Hollywood Drag Queen Show

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Photo Credit: Hamburger Mary's

Photo Credit: Hamburger Mary’s

West Hollywood Drag Queen Shows are a most when visiting West Hollywood. West Hollywood is also known as the gayborhood of Los Angeles. With 25 gay bars, gay shops, and 69 gay-friendly restaurants most of them walking distance from each other, West Hollywood is a gay paradise!  West Hollywood is also known as “WeHo.”

This time, we checked Hamburger Marys. Hamburger Mary’s is a chain bar and grill with multiple locations around the United States. They are famous for their live entertainment. The WeHo location is famous for featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni’s!

Two of the most popular shows at this location are the Dreamgirls Revue and Pumped. Dreamgirls Revue takes place every Tuesday at 10:00 pm; this is the perfect opportunity to meet your favorite RuPaul Drag Race celebrity. Every Friday at 10:00 pm is time for Pumped, a drag show hosted by Vicky Vox and a special RuPaul Drag Race celebrity guest.

Since I was in town on a Friday, I decided to check out Pumped. Reservations are recommended as the place gets very busy. I decided to seat at the bar instead of a regular table, there is no reservation needed for this as long as you arrive early. Plan on arriving at least by 9:30 pm, if you want to get a seat at the bar. The food menu selection is good, but the drink menu is even better. Drinks can be a little pricey, but you are in LA, be ready to spend some money.

The show was hosted by drag queen superstar Vicky Vox. Vicky is known for her collaboration work with RuPaul Drag Stars Detox and Willam. Vicky opened the show with a comedy act followed by a song. Vicky has an amazing voice. While Vicky was performing her first song, Detox approached her to tip her. Vicky used that opportunity to incorporate Detox in her comedy act.

Sissy Spastik was the next act followed by drag king Landon Cider. I have been to plenty of drag queen shows, but this was my first time seen a drag king show- amazing! A drag king is a female performance artist who dresses and behaves in a masculine way during their performance.  After their performance, it was time for the RuPaul Drag Race celebrity act. The special guest of the night was Ongina, from Season 1! Ongina’s show was great, I loved it!

While the queens went to get ready for the second set, Vicky interacted with the audience. This was one of the funniest parts of the evening. At this point in the show, she called people that had special celebrations, in specific, birthdays and “brides to be” to the stage (they were all girls). She ended up with a large crowd, to the attendees’ surprise, they had to “twerk.” After making fun of the girls, the second part of the show started. The queens and king performed the second part of the show and called it for the night.

I highly recommend that you visit Hamburger Mary’s when you visit West Hollywood. Check out their website for their show schedules. The cover charge for Pumped was only $5.00 and the $15 I paid for the Top Margarita was totally worth it!

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